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3D Printer For Sale | Cheap 3D Printer for sale, 3D Printer designs and DIY Kits.

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is the process that allows you to take any idea and turn it in to reality. Not only rapid prototyping but also art and decoration. 3D printers use many different methods but they are all additive manufacturing. A small bit of plastic or other material is used in layers over time to produce a 3 dimensional representation of what you designed on your computer. Using a dedicated heat source and a controller that pushes the printing material out of a small hole at it's melting point is mainly what a 3D printer is. Some 3D printers use lasers as well as photo reaction to create 3D printed objects.

3D printer models are what 3D printers will print. They are special files with instructions that tell the 3D printer where in a 3 dimensional space to be at a certain time. The file can also determine what color to use and so on. A 3D printer model is the main ingredient in a 3D printing project. You can buy 3D printer models or make them all on your own using many free and commercially available tools. 3D printer models can be designed many ways so we will not go too much in to the software but we will cover Slicing. Slicing is the most important part of 3D printing software. It takes a 3D printer model and slices it in to machine code that the 3D printer then uses to control the print. There are MANY slicers available and it is up to you to decide what is best but the good news is there is so much open source available you can pretty much use anything.

Another aspect of 3D printer models is the host software and firmware. In a closed source printer you have no control of the firmware or software and are usually forced to only buy a specific and very expensive type of 3D printing material. REPRAP and open source give you the freedom to print at the highest quality possible, just like the most advanced commercial printers, but commercial printers are content locked and are too expensive for most people getting in to 3D printing.

3D printer price, what is the best 3D printer price? 3D printers come in so many flavors that the best price is what you are comfortable paying. You can buy a PRUSA i3 REPRAP fully assembled and out perform the top 10 commercial printers at half the cost. The current version of printers on the market have small print areas and the printing filament is so expensive you can't really get in to. The price for a commercial unit is so prohibitive that schools and other organizations can not afford a full printing lab and the commercial units are produced on a manufacturing line. That means the 3D printer price is directly related to the type of printing you are going to do and the type of prints you want to produce. All in all a 3D printer KIT is the best option for getting in to 3D printing. It may take you a long time to complete the build but you will know every last aspect of 3D printing and you will be able to produce quality that an off the shelf commercial printer has been proven to not be able to duplicate.

Buy a 3D printer. So you decided to buy a 3d printer! Good! It is a fantastic hobby that can easily turn in to an alternative revenue stream. So now that you want to buy a 3D printer let's cover some of the basics.

Filament: All 3D printers use some kind of material but most use a filament based on plastic such as PLA or ABS. Other filaments exist that are very exotic such as magnetic filament and glow in the dark but they often require specific modifications.

Safety: One thing commercial 3D printers have over REPRAP is that they are often enclosed but this is not always good. A closed box printing ABS can create a NASTY plume of fumes that will turn your stomach. It can also get so hot inside the stepper motor drivers die under the stress. Stepper motors also do not enjoy the extra heat and the filament takes longer to cool so you must print at painfully slow speeds for quality.

BUY a 3D Printer! So now you are a little more informed and ready to go. We really can not suggest enough that you build the printer on your own but just in case, we sell the best 3D printers and parts for any project. We can get you up and running in no time either by buying an all in one 3D printer or by buying one of our Kits. Either way, you are about to embark on an amazing adventure and at the end of it you will have an understanding of the world around you including engineering, 3D design and even manufacturing.

Thank you for coming here today and please, let us know if you need any help!

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