Tips on how to Make Computerized LED Stair Lighting

Arduino-based, movement sensor-activated stair lights utilizing programmable LED strips. Contains examples of sunshine patterns, description of the way it works, gear prices (2016 costs), hyperlinks to websites to purchase supplies, and schematic.

In the event you’ve by no means executed this earlier than it is best to in all probability get arrange with an Arduino starter equipment:

Code for Challenge — you could find my starter Arduino code for this challenge within the description area of my first attempt at a video on this challenge.

Instruments — $114.71:

1 Soldering Iron @ $96.72

1 Wire Clamp SE MZ101B Serving to Hand $6.26 to-Magnifying-Glass/dp/B000RB38X8/ref=pd_bxgy_469_img_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=16YHHFX01JAPZYFZT0MX

1 Wire Cutters/Strippers $11.73

Sketchup Make Free! Customized design housing for the PIR Sensors, breadboard, and the housing to cover the unfastened wires on the NeoPixel Strip

Sketchup Plugin to create STL file essential for 3d printing

Convert Sketchup SKP files to DXF or STL

3d Hubs: 3d Print your Sketchup housing for the PIR Movement Sensors

Laptop for programming the Metro Mini micro-controllerchip

Supplies — $227.92

2 Resistors (brown black orange gold– 10ok ohms & 5% tolerance) $zero.75

2 Capacitors (1000 μF, 6.3V) $three.82 phrases=1000+μFpercent2C+6.3V

2 PIRs Movement Sensors @ $9.95 every = $19.90

1 Photograph Cell (Gentle Sensor) @ $zero.95

2 Feminine DC Energy adapter – 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block[ID:368] @ $2.00 every = $four.00
Use these to attach the facility cords to the neoPixel strip and the Metro Mini micro controller

1 Metro Mini @ $14.95

1 BernzOmatic SRC300 three oz. Lead Free Rosin Core Solder @ $12.01 phrases=bernzomatic+resin+core

1 Field of NTE Warmth Shrink Wire Masking 2:1 Assorted Colours and Sizes 160 PCS $10.09 phrases=nte+warmth+shrink

1 Field of NM Cable Wooden Staples (half of”) PS-1550TD $1.49)

1 Field of Wire Nails (16×3/four) $four.83

1 9V, 1Amp Switching AC/DC energy Adapter $6.95

1 5V, 10 Amp Switching Energy Provide $25

2-pin JST SM Plug + Receptacle Cable Set – (you simply want the feminine cable) $zero.75

four Customary Wire Connectors (12 Gauge) $2.38

1 Stable Core Black Wire $2.95

1 Stable Core Pink Wire $2.95

1 Stable Core Yellow Wire $2.95

6 Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip – White 30 LED – WHITE @ $16.95 every = $101.7

1 half of Dimension BreadBoard $5.00

1 Adafruit Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB – Single $four.50

3D Printer Fashions

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