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Some time back, most of the 3D printers used to be large and expensive machines which were restricted to just shops and various design divisions of the major corporations as well as selected design firms. But when Desktop Factory launched its 3D printers, they were priced boisterously lower than their close competitive offering. This made Factory a leader in the very high performance and low-cost three-dimensional printing technologies.

The goal of Desktop Factory is to be able to structure a 3D printing which is as customary in the offices, different factories, our schools as well as homes as the laser printers. Just as desktop publishing exploded when prices dropped and the laser printers had became omnipresent, similarly Desktop Factory is envisaging that new utilities for 3 dimensional printing will surface as printers become low-cost and more widely available. In fact, Desktop Factory was found by Idealab in the year 2004 to accomplish this very goal.

The three-dimensional printers manufactured by Desktop Factory are very durable and highly functional. These printers have build speed which is comparable to the existing technologies of 3D printing in the market. And Desktop Factory produces tough parts which happen to be strong enough so as to even fling across the table in a conference room.

The proprietary software of Desktop Factory trades in STL files along with other formats of 3D printers which are of industry standard; it automatically slices as well as orients those parts for their best build performance.

The three-dimensional printers of Desktop measure nearly 25 x 20 x 20 inches. Their weight is less than nearly 90 lbs. The highest build volume of Desktop Factory’s initial product would be around 5 x 5 x 5 inches while the each layer’s thickness will be 0.010 inch.

The USP of Desktop Factory’s 3D printer is that it is the lowest priced 3D printer available in market. This is because it makes use of less costly source of light from halogen together with technology of drum printing to create robust components layer-by- layer with compound plastic powder. Moreover, the composite parts of Desktop Factory’s printers made with plastic are very durable and they can be easily sanded or painted and flamed if need be. There is no need for any post process as well as chemical infiltration so as to cure and strengthen objects.

The mission of Desktop is to supply its users with the least total cost of possession in the printers’ industry and they also value the importance of time to their constituents. They understand that the capability to render any new part, a tool or a product blueprint at their customers’ desktop enables them to iterate faster, to improve their overall design and consequently to exceed the customers’ expectations. So keeping this in mind Desktop has designed 3D printers so that you can optimize on it in terms of your time too.

Desktop Factory believes that inexpensive three-dimensional printing expertise will considerably increase the ability of the designers or engineers to observe the physical replicas of their ideas before they hand over to the more costly, hand-made prototypes. Earlier, only those who worked in big corporations and other big-budget milieu had access to these important but costly printers. But with 3D printers of Desktop, even small firms as well as independent professionals will soon be able to offer the same advantages to clients and also open up various new markets.

Source by John C Arkinn

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